Goals and values

When you are on a well-deserved and longed-for holiday, the last thing you want to happen is that an accident or an illness spoils it.

We are fully aware of this (we also go on holidays and know how precious they are!), and thus we will do all we can to get you, as soon as possible, back on the beach, hiking in the hills and mountains, or lounging next to the pool with a good book or your Kindle!

Our aim and philosophy at the Clinic can be summarized in one short sentence: “Prevention is better than the cure”. We aim to detect through screening any illness before it can do any harm, and cure it in time so that it can do no harm. This screening is done by following actualized and up-to-date medical protocols and guidelines, in order to give the best service and care.

Our experience and care stands for a holistic care and approach to your medical problem, and is a guarantee to avoid unnecessary tests and hospitalizations; to provide a “One-Stop” service, a short ‘pit stop’ during your holiday to deal with a sudden and unexpected illness.

In case however that your problem cannot be treated at our clinic, we have over the years built up an excellent network of top specialists who adhere to our Philosophy and standards of practice, meaning no unnecessary investigations and/or avoidable admissions.