Apart from the standard thorough physical examination we have at the clinic the following extra services and tools to help us make a correct diagnosis, and give you a complete treatment:

  • Fully equipped ear-, nose- and throat sets, eartoilet equipment
  • Laboratory, for all types of blood tests; Warfarin control, diabetes,…
  • Electrocardiogram ( for heart attacks, abnormal rhythms,…)
  • Ultrasound/ Echography
  • Pulsoxymetry
  • Lung Function Test / Spirometry
  • Oxygen therapy /inhalations
  • Infiltrations of joints and tendons, injections
  • Intra Venous rehydration, and administration of medication(s)
  • Small surgery to remove skin cancers or suspicious skin lesions, ingrown toenails, foreign bodies,…
  • Draining of abcesses
  • Stitching of cuts, wound treatment and –care
  • Cosmetic treatments ( Botox, fillers)
  • Counselling

All this in order to reduce time-consuming referrals to an absolute minimum and to treat your illness on the spot.