Who are we

At the Surgery we have the following permanent staff, apart from Dr Heymans:

Karen CILLIE, who is South African born, is a fully qualified Community Health Nurse and Midwife; she is responsible for the general Nursing Care, Ante Natal Classes, Counselling, blood sampling, and the reception area.

Tina VAN EYNDHOVEN is the voice of the surgery, and usually the first contact at the reception. Tina is from Belgium and is fluent in English, German, French and Dutch.

Elly Villasclaras is responsible for nursing, blood pressure measurements, …

Dra Elena VILA is our Neurologist, who deals with neurological illnesses like strokes, Alzheimers’ Dementia, Parkinsons’ Disease,…

Dr Daniel GAITAN (Cardiology): evaluation of heartconditions like heart failure, angina and infarctions, arrhythmias,…) with EKG and Ultrasound of the heart. These are done at the surgery.

Dr Javier APARICIO (Psychiatry): for counselling, medical treatment of a wide range of afflictions ( stress, anxiety, depression, bi-polar disease, detox,…). Apart from these Specialists we have an excellent referral network of top specialists and hospitals in Malaga, where the care and service are outstanding.